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My name is Mahdi Ebrahimi. I am a 21-year-old full-stack web developer. I live in Iran and I am still studying at the Amirkabir Technical University Of Arak. I spend my spare time programming, learning, meditating, and exercising, though. Hence I love the GNU community I use Linux as my main OS.

I started programing language when I was 16. First of all, I started learning Pascal programing language, then PHP and after that, I learned JavaScript. Whilst I was learning javascript I aspired to learn Laravel but that was difficult for me at that time, so I decided to first learn CodeIgniter and MVC and then learn the Laravel framework. Before starting to learn Laravel, I learned How to use SQL and making an application using Mysql and Sqlite. I also have some experiences with MongoDB and Redis. Generally, I have used these tools:

Personally, I think I have some algorithms and mathematical problems. So my first priority in the future is enhancing my abilities in those subjects. I really like to be a pragmatic programmer. I want to be a skilled craftsman to make useful applications for people on the whole planet. Also, I really need to learn more about computer engineering. I intend to invest my time in PHP and Laravel in the future.